Our Story

Clayton Brain and Gareth Tipene

Big Fat Oysters Limited - The biggest and fattest oysters in the universe!

Company owner Gareth Tipene (left) and Operations Manager Clayton Brain (right) both born and bred in the Bay Of Islands, New Zealand and have been friends for over 10 years.

In this photo they are heading out to check on one of the oyster farms in the Russell inlet of the Bay Of Islands.

Big Fat Oysters Ltd only supply oysters whole in the shell to half a dozen exclusive restaurants in the greater Auckland area, 12 months of the year.

Big Fat Oysters Ltd also sell tubs of shelled oysters on-line which are delivered fresh to the consumers doorstep anywhere in New Zealand. The oysters sold in tubs are not quite as large as the oysters supplied to restaurants however they are still huge oysters.

Big Fat Oysters are grown in the clear waters of the Bay of Islands,
New Zealand and are grown for 3 years before harvest, twice as long as usual, resulting in much larger oysters for the consumer.

Big Fat Oyster Farm